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My first 6 months at Ellipsis – Pranoti, Content Writer

The My first 6 months series shares team members’ experiences with getting started, finding their feet, and how their experience has matched against our values. These are personal notes that aim to help you take the same journey to thriving as a member of the team.

Pranoti wrote this in August 2023, having joined Ellipsis in January 2023. Pranoti was promoted in December 2023 to Senior Content Writer.

There’s a quote from one of my favorite novels – 

Which is the most important step a man can take? Is it the first? No. For, the first step is easy. We are motivated by our passion, our goals, our ambitions. It is the next step. Always taking the next step is what matters.

In many ways, working at Ellipsis has been the best next step that I’ve taken, both professionally and personally, as a content writer.

So, here’s a little bit about my experience with Ellipsis in the first six months! 

Who are you, and what do you do! What’s your role, what are you responsible for, and when did you join?

I am Pranoti and I am a Content Writer at Ellipsis. I started in January 2023, and I’m responsible for writing blog content for our clients that is SEO-ready and, quite literally, kicks ass. 

I also occasionally work on writing copy for our other one-off projects, like website content, case studies, thought-leadership articles and so on.

Most of my work is on client-facing material, but I am also responsible for internal writer meetings to find ways in which we can keep improving ourselves and creating meaningful, engaging content.

How has your transition into Ellipsis been, and what support have you found most helpful?

The transition has been super smooth, mainly because the entire team here has been extremely supportive and helpful. Everyone has been very welcoming right from day one and of course, Emily has been my go-to support person for any help needed, every single time. 

Working in a fully remote environment can quickly become challenging, especially considering the various time zones we all work in, but the speed and responsiveness of communication within the team is so great, that I’ve never had any trouble!

Can you share an experience that challenged you in your early days at Ellipsis? What did you learn from it?

This wasn’t exactly in the early days, but one experience that really challenged me was creating design wireframes for DotStore’s landing pages. I can write for landing pages, no problem! But designing them from the ground up? That was kind of intimidating.

I have no background in design theory or UI/UX; just years of observing landing pages for various plugins in WordPress. Nevertheless, with James’ help, I was able to design a decent wireframe that made logical and aesthetic sense, which felt like a big win!

That project taught me a lot of things:

  1. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you know. Unless you try something new, you’re never going to know if you are any good at it. 
  2. It’s always good to learn profession-adjacent skill sets because that gives you new insights into your own work too. In this instance, designing the landing page myself helped me look at it through a much more critical lens and that translated into more effective content.

How have you experienced Ellipsis’ commitment to transparency in SEO? Any specific instances you can share?

I like that we have a very logical approach to embracing SEO and that we are not afraid to pivot from conventional SEO practices if they don’t make sense. 

For example, we were initially using Clearscope for measuring the SEO-worthiness of our articles. But as our writing style evolved, we quickly realized that simply taking Clearscope metrics as a benchmark for a high-quality article was not enough. 

So, we sat down and thought about objective parameters that actually impact content quality and came up with our own set of SEO requirements.

In a world that hails Clearscope and Yoast as the be-all-end-all of SEO, this is something very different, and very cool!

In what ways has the remote and global nature of Ellipsis influenced your work experience?

Although I have been working remotely for most of my career, the flexibility of remote working at Ellipsis is something that I deeply appreciate. I’ve found it much easier to balance life and work, which has made for a very positive work experience. 

Also, the fact that we have team members with a 12 hr+ time difference and yet we can coordinate successfully, without it being a barrier, is amazing! I think it just showed me that when everybody on the team is equally invested in creating a great end product, work doesn’t feel like work.

How have you seen the value of continuous improvement embodied in your work or team? Can you give an example?

I feel like continuous improvement is like the unwritten internal tagline of the company and this is reflected in all of our processes. Every 3-4 months, we analyze whether we are on the right track, whether there is anything we can do to improve, and if yes, how soon we can start implementing those improvements.

Even at a personal level, I have seen consistent improvement in myself as a writer in the last six months. Compared to when I started in January, I feel like I understand articles a bit better in terms of structure, presentation, tone, and effectiveness due to the very collaborative nature of our processes. 

For instance, recently I was working on updating some articles for WP RSS Aggregator that weren’t ranking very well. These were among some of the very first ones I had worked on when I got here. As I was going through them I was mentally facepalming myself over errors related to structure and tone and flow that seemed extremely obvious to me now! 

To have reached that level in just six months, where you can objectively critique your work and identify how it can be improved, can only happen when you embrace Ellipsis’ philosophy of continuous improvement.

Can you share an insight or tip that you wish you had known when you first joined Ellipsis?

Don’t feel like there’s pressure to prove your mettle from day one. The team is very understanding and you’ll be able to contribute better if you take a little time to settle in and get used to the processes. And once you’ve found your groove, dive into your responsibilities wholeheartedly!

What advice would you give to new members joining the Ellipsis team?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how small or silly they might seem. Be hungry to learn, because there’s a lot to absorb from all around you. Ellipsis is like a fully-equipped playground where you can try different things, learn new skills, depend on your peers, and truly explore your potential. 

So, don’t be afraid to push yourself and you’ll have a great time!

Updated on December 29, 2023

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