Sick leave summary

This is a summary of our sick leave policies. This is on the Wiki primarily so that we can share it with prospective team members.

This may be out of date: for the full current policies, please see the CharlieHR handbook.


Everyone gets poorly and we want you to focus on resting and taking care of yourself.

If you are unwell, please let your Line Manager know at least one hour before your expected start time on the first day of absence. Either ping them on Basecamp or Whatsapp them. If your absence continues for more than one day, please do keep us informed day by day by Pinging or Whatsapping your line manager and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Company Sick Pay

At Ellipsis, we want to look after you while you are unwell and wish you a speedy recovery.

If you are unwell and provided that you have fully complied with our sickness policy, we will continue to pay you your full salary for 5 days (whether consecutive or not) in any rolling period of 3 months. This is inclusive of your Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

SSP will be paid in accordance with legislation in force at the time of absence and is currently paid after four days’ absence for a maximum of 28 weeks.

Mental health

We know that sometimes you might need a break from work to look after your mental health, which is why we are happy for sick days to be used to support you with your mental health too.

Updated on January 1, 2024
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