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Vision and values


This is a small-but-mighty list of our vision and values. We take these really seriously, and do our best to work by them. Please take some time to read and digest them.

When faced with a problem, challenge, or dilemma, think about these: what do the vision and values encourage me to do?

I’m writing this mid-2023: I am incredibly serious about us being the best in the world at SEO Content. I even had a sales chat with Google a couple of weeks ago!

Ellipsis is 5 and a half years old at the time of writing; we’ve tried to do things like this before, and it’s never felt “real”. This iteration is real. Each one of these points took much discussion, and each individual point should be taken really seriously.

As a fully remote team, it’s so important we’re on the same page. This is the page to be on! And embracing these is one of the ways we can do some awesome work together.

– Alex, July 2023

Vision and values

  1. Ellipsis is a world-class SEO Content agency that aims to be the very best at SEO Content in the world. Our dream client is Google, and they’re going to hire us.
  2. The SEO market is opaque, misleading, and secretive. Ellipsis is radically transparent about SEO methodology, process, and results.
  3. The Ellipsis team are experts who can be trusted. Ellipsis is a modern, remote, global company that provides its team with the support and space to do the best work of their careers. Ellipsis is aiming to become a B Corporation.
  4. SEO is continuously evolving, and so are we. Ellipsis embraces continuous improvement. We’re happy to learn and do so without ego – but we don’t overcomplicate.
  5. Ellipsis does world-class work that creates real value. This work is built on the pillars of expertise, technology, process, and reporting. Ellipsis delivers results you can see, so we love reporting our results.
Updated on July 17, 2023
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