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Writing at Ellipsis: What I’ve learned – Menna Tarek, Technical Content Writer

Menna wrote this in March 2024, having joined Ellipsis in May 2023.

Heyo, let me share with you the meowgical 😻 lessons I’ve learnt writing at Ellipsis!

From bugs to blogs: Embracing the write side

I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a major in Software Engineering, so naturally, I started searching for software developer jobs. I immediately got hired by a multinational company that I’d been eyeing since my first year of uni, and I thought to myself, “I got my dream job, and I made it!”

Turns out, I’d signed myself to two years of literal sweat and tears, hunched over my laptop, pulling at my hair, and crying in the corner at least four days a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I learnt a lot in that job, but after the first six months, I was just a robot operating and trying to get my tasks done:

  • I wasn’t learning anything new.
  • There was no room for personal or professional development/growth.
  • My social life went straight out of the window.
  • My anxiety was at an all-time high.

I could seriously go on forever listing negatives.

After that, I decided to switch to WordPress development and dabbled quite a bit in content writing. I absolutely loved it, but again, where I worked then, I wasn’t learning anything new or growing in any way.

That’s when I applied to join Ellipsis as a technical writer, and haven’t regretted it a single second! 🎉

I basically found what I’ve been looking for in a job:

  • A peaceful work environment – this was an absolute must for me!
  • Genuinely nice, amazing, helpful people.
  • Continuous growth and development – always learning something new. 

Lessons learnt

Lesson 1: Take it easy and take your time

During the first month or so, most probably, no one will be expecting you to be super productive and pump out a lot of articles. Just take your time getting to know Ellipsis, the team, the work, the tools we use, etc.

Lesson 2: Feedback is your best friend

Don’t get overwhelmed if the first few articles you write get “a lot” of edits/feedback. That’s just part of the process – learning the Ellipsis ways. Everyone is very intent on helping and informing rather than correcting, so don’t get in your head about it.

Lesson 3: Ask, ask, ask, and, oh, ask

No question is “stupid”, “dumb”, or “useless”. I literally got told by everyone on the team to ask anything and everything, and that made a huge difference. I can genuinely speak my mind, ask anything, and suggest ideas without feeling like I’m silly or a burden.

I encourage you to do the same – ask, communicate, and share whatever. If you need help or support, we got you. If you have an idea, we’ll listen and make it part of the process if it helps make our workflow easier.

I can talk about this point all day because it wasn’t an option in my old jobs. Having this as the norm at Ellipsis truly changed how I feel about starting work every day.

Lesson 4: Deep work

We’re getting in the habit of deep working, which basically means tuning out any distractions (work notifications, pings, etc.) to really focus on what we have on our plates. I personally love doing this because it makes me super productive. 

Just leave a message in the campfire that you’ll be deep-working for the next three hrs, for example, and you’re good to go.

And that’s it. Just remember that you got hired for a reason: you’re awesome and you got mad skillzzz hehehe 😎. I think these are two reasons – I digress. What I’m trying to say is, you’ll do amazing things writing at Ellipsis and you’ll love it, so enjoy the ride!

Updated on March 8, 2024

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